The School of Foreign Languages

    The School of Foreign Languages in North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) was founded in 2003. It is composed of the English department of the main campus in Beijing and the English department on Baoding campus. The school currently boasts of 135 highly qualified teaching and research faculties, among which 122 are teachers (13 professors, 38 associate professors, and 69 lecturers) and 13 are administrative and technical staff. Of the teaching faculties, 14 teachers have obtained PhD degrees and 81% have master degree. An excellent teaching team with diversified education background, strong teaching ethics and competent teaching and research abilities has been formed.
    The school has undergraduate program of foreign language and literature, primary discipline master program of foreign language and literature and MTI. Currently, 21 master tutors are available.The school enrolls about 90 undergraduates of English majors and about 50 postgraduates specializing in English language and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, English translation and English interpretation. Currently, there are 357 undergraduates and 145 postgraduates studying in the school. the school undertakes not only teaching for all the undergraduates and postgraduates of English majors but also foreign language teaching for all doctoral students, master students, undergraduate students, adult-education students, and correspondence education students of the university, focusing on four languages, namely, English, Japanese, Russian, and French. The school boasts 30 language labs with 1,467 seats in total, most of which are digitalized ones. Emphasizing academic study and research, the school has been given awards at provincial and ministerial level for its outstanding teaching and research. And many academic papers have been published in core periodicals and magazines both home and abroad. The past ten years have witnessed the hard work and achievements of the foreign language school. With the guidance of the 12th Five Year developing plan of the university, the foreign language school will keep pace with time, seek truth and innovation, reform with keen determination, and make larger contribution to the great cause of building NCEPU into a multi-disciplined, research-oriented, and globalized university.

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